GNCP 11: Pony Island

Turns out Ace Combat is a lot harder than either of us had expected, so here’s a different game instead! Want to experience an edgy version of Undertale? Download Pony Island Today!

Show Notes:
Eldritch Portal Game
You killed Jesus

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GNCP 03: Gone Home

Take a trip into the 90’s as we discuss Gone Home.

For more information on Fullbright be sure to check out their website.

You can purchase the game from the following stores: GOGHumble StoreSteam

You can also find this episode on Youtube.

GNCP 02: Undertale

This week Jake reluctantly took on Undertale, another unique Indie title. Will he hate it or love it, listen and find out.

The developer website can be found here.

The game can be bought directly on its website.

You can also find this episode on Youtube.