GNCP 13: Blendo Games

This week Jake has managed to not beat Dragons Dogma still…. so instead we played three really short games! BLENDO GAMES!

You can check out all their games on their website.

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GNCP 12: Ace Combat 4 – Shattered Skies

Enter the world of Strangereal, where our heroes take on Stonehenge. Yes that is the story for Ace Combat 4 and not one of Jake’s fever dreams.

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GNCP 11: Pony Island

Turns out Ace Combat is a lot harder than either of us had expected, so here’s a different game instead! Want to experience an edgy version of Undertale? Download Pony Island Today!

Show Notes:
Eldritch Portal Game
You killed Jesus

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GNCP 10: Bayonetta 2

**Audio was broken, as of 1/19 it is now working – Please re-download the episode if you have dual audio tracks playing on yours. Sorry about that.**

Here we are again with Bayonetta, only this time,  the game’s plot makes sense. Sort of… I totally forgot about the part where a minor subplot is kind of left unexplained… Oh well. The game is great regardless!

Game 10 of 52

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GNCP 09: Left 4 Dead 2

This week we are talking about Left 4 Dead 2, you might be asking yourself, why? Good question, please write to our webzone if you have the answer.

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GNCP 08: Chrono Trigger

We dipped into Jake’s nostalgia pool this week with his pick, Chrono Trigger. Hailed as one of the greatest RPG’s ever made, we take a journey though time to find out what makes this game. Will the game live up to the hype for PJ? Listen and find out!

Game 8 of 52

Show Notes:

Giant Skeletons found in recent years.

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GNCP 07: The Stanley Parable Special

This week we present The Stanley Parable Special. We haven’t beaten Chrono Trigger yet… so we played three games instead!  Two of which we had already beaten, but we wanted to talk about all 3 as a group.

Stanley Parable

The Beginners Guide

Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist

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GNCP 06: Star Wars Republic Commando

Stars Wars Republic Commando is a video game. We beat it and now we are talking about it.

Game 6/52

The game was created by LucasArts

The game is available via: GOGSteam

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GNCP 05: Bayonetta

This week we are talking about Bayonetta, character action game supreme. There is not a finer game, especially not one about a pizza eating emo man.

Game 5/52

Developer Website: Platinum Games

The game can be bought for the following platforms: Wii U360PS3

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GNCP 04.5: Fallout 4 (Part 2)

Somehow we are still talking about Fallout 4. I’m sure this game is a dead horse by this point, but we feel like its glaring issues still need to be discussed.

Here is Part 1 if you haven’t listened to it yet.

The theme song for this episode is Radiation Song by The Aquabats

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