GNCP 02: Undertale

This week Jake reluctantly took on Undertale, another unique Indie title. Will he hate it or love it, listen and find out.

The developer website can be found here.

The game can be bought directly on its website.

You can also find this episode on Youtube.

GNCP 01: Papers, Please

Today we discuss the indie hit Papers, Please. This is our first game of 52. The game has been in each of our backlogs for far too long. Tune in and find out what we think of the game, were we just another brick in the wall or did we attempt to topple a regime.

More Information on the developer of Papers, Please can be found here.

You can buy Papers, Please from the following stores: GOG – Humble Store – Steam

You can also find our episodes on Youtube.

GNCP 00: Our Introduction

We just wanted to briefly explain the purpose of our podcast. Together we are attempting to complete 52 games in as many weeks. We are going to be updating weekly with discussions of the completed games.