Episode 24: Bubsy 3D

In this episode we sound mostly decent, except for the few times PJ sounds like a robot. We talk about SGDQ and how we didn’t watch it. No Man’s Sky and how we didn’t play it. The switch and how we continue to not own it. The SNES Mini and how we want it. Also I played Bubsy 3D.

Episode 23: The New Format

We are back again with our new format, and let me be honest with you listener, its a rough one. PJ decided to use a crappy headset mic so he sounds like he is broadcasting from the deep reaches of space. Not that’s even the worst part. We struggle to keep the show moving as with PJ losing focus and rambling on about Nier: Automatic and Beyond Good and Evil 2 instead of any worthwhile games like Yakuza 0.

We apologize for the lack of quality in the last two episodes. We are fairly rusty to the whole podcasting thing but everything should be rectified for next week, or possibly much worse. More than likely worse. Also next week we should have the new format smoothed out with a bit more pre-show planning. (aka any amount of planning)


Episode 22: E3 2017 Discussion

We’re back baby!

It’s a bit strange sitting down and recording an episode of this show after the last episode we put up was over a year ago at this point. I just wanted to briefly go over what happened.

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