the return of goodnight channel

Episode 22: E3 2017 Discussion

We’re back baby!

It’s a bit strange sitting down and recording an episode of this show after the last episode we put up was over a year ago at this point. I just wanted to briefly go over what happened.

The 52 challenge was in itself challenging but adding on that we were trying to record audio, capture game footage, edit both an audio podcast and a video version for YouTube, all while attempting to beat a game a week. Work/Life balance suffered and we were planning on moving out of Florida by summer so it was decided we would take a break. Though I don’t think either of us meant to take a break for this long. 

With all that out of the way I wanted to try and layout a bit of our future for this podcast. We are going to be on a relaxed schedule but plan on doing a 30 minute podcast each week about video game discussion. We also are going to try and do a lot more live streaming of stuff were playing. 



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